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Meet Daniel Shawley-New Horror Author

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Daniel Shawley last evening to talk about his newly released horror book F.O.R.B.U.S. and to hear more about the talented writer behind the scenes. So…who is Daniel Shawley? Daniel is a former police officer and currently a truck driver from Muncie, Indiana. He has also done ministry work. He enjoys the outdoors, riding Harleys and horses and hunting and camping. He shared that while working in Wyoming, he used to go up in a small plane with a pilot friend to scope out the best places to hunt elk.

It was no surprise…considering his writing style…that he enjoys reading the work of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. If you like either of those authors, you will truly enjoy his new book. I’m about halfway through…but only because I’ve had my own writing to do so I have to slip in reading when my muse isn’t poking me in the side.

I asked him what triggered his idea for his book and he said he saw a purple light. I jokingly asked if it was like a purple light bulb went on in his head and he agreed it was just like that. He said he wanted to turn that light into something scary…and I’d say he accomplished that!

Daniel said even though he writes for enjoyment he also writes in hopes to get rich. Who can blame him? Right? He said he’s not looking to get famous but would like to see his book made into a movie…as long as the producers don’t butcher it. We’ve seen that happen, haven’t we?

He told me he got his start writing in school but that writing was mostly comedy to make people laugh. He is currently working on his second book-The Whisper Pool-which he says has some ties to F.O.R.B.U.S. but is not a sequel.

You can find Daniel on Facebook at

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