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Mother Nature is Confused

As I enjoyed the beautiful sunny day today with temperatures in the 40's, I'm beginning to think Mother Nature is a bit confused. Here we were, Christmas weekend, with a windchill of 50 below and snow blowing so much we couldn't have seen the sun if we tried. But this week, here we are with spring like weather which compelled me to go shopping at Joann Fabrics for a spring wreath, garden flag, and door mat and clear out the Christmas decorations that I've been too busy to put away until today. So, I now have a beautiful wreath with purple sprigs of lavender, a green door mat with white flowers, a purple dragon fly and a flag with spring flowers. I really don't mind winter weather before and during Christmas, but after that, I'm ready for spring. Which reminds me, I forgot to plant my daffodil, crocus and tulip bulbs in the fall. I'll have to see if it's too late or early to plant them now since Mother Nature is giving us some mild weather through the next week at least. Of course, it's Indiana, so anything could change at any minute.'

Even though we had a late night Friday after a nice dinner and visit with an awesome young man and his girlfriend, I did manage to drag myself out of bed and go to the grocery yesterday. 9 am comes awfully early when you don't hit the mattress until almost 5 am! Oscar would have been a bit upset had I not gone because he was out of food. He's special, you see. At fourteen years old, he is having trouble chewing and swallowing hard dog food, so he gets a slurry of warm broth with ground food mixed in. I feel bad for him, because he is so used to getting the spoils off our plates when we are finished, but he chokes on people food now. Hopefully, when I take him to the vet, we can figure out why and fix that I can have a few more years with him.

Today, I'm enjoying the company of my youngest granddaughter. She was my shopping buddy today. Now we are watching Click on the television since we fell asleep watching it last night. And she's keeping Kate occupied for the time being. Kate has a pacing problem lately and it doesn't bode well for watching television because her pacing pattern just happens to be right in front of the television. And as long as she's comfortably curled up with a human on the couch, she doesn't talk as much either.

I have managed to write quite a bit on my latest WIP as well as adding episodes to my two Kindle Vella stories. I've even managed to read a book and a half so far this year. Settling into a schedule has worked well for me so far this year. Get up a half hour earlier than I used to and doing yoga before eating breakfast, fix my lunch for work, get home from the day job by 6 and take care of the animals' dinners and then fixing my own meal, sit down and write until an hour before bedtime, then read for an hour. It's amazing how much I get done this way, and I feel like I've accomplished something each and every day.

In case you hadn't noticed, I"m also on a schedule for blog posts. Sunday is blog day, so if you are one of my loyal readers, you know you will see a new post by Sunday evening. Fortunately, I have a wonderful PA who takes care of a lot of my Facebook postings and advertising. She also has been designing my covers and she is AMAZING!!

In other book news, I''m currently reading Claron: Book One of the Siblings O'Rifcan by Katharine Hamilton. I've also been reading the 369 Project and next in the line-up will be Wild Irish Moon by Tricia O'Malley and then I think I'll take a look at a couple of my witchcraft books.

Alas, it's time to wrap it up. I hear Smith, Wesson and Bullet out in the pasture hollering for their dinner and I need to feed the chickens so they keep providing me with eggs that don't cost an arm and a leg. Isn't that crazy how much it costs to buy a dozen of organic free range eggs? And I'm not sure of the reason because the cost of feed hasn't gone up for the last year.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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