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Seattle Bound…Then Home

It’s been a wonderful few days in some beautiful country with some of my favorite people. Even though we had a rough start because of flight cancellations…we hit the ground in Reno a day late…with perfect weather.

I’ve traveled to some beautiful places, but I do believe Lake Tahoe topped them all. Pine trees which stretched their branches to the sky, clear blue water, awe-inspiring horizons…and oh my goodness…the air was so clean and fresh! I would have to say that this was even better than Montana or South Dakota. We did a lot of lakefront exploring and stopped at some vantage spots along the way. Evenings were spent at the cozy cabin watching movies, eating pizza and popcorn and imbibing adult beverages.

Well…it’s time to take off…here’s some pictures I’d like to share.

Until next time!!

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