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Smoky Skies

Once again, we are seeing the effects of the Canadian wildfires. When I got up this morning, it appeared to be overcast but a quick check to the weather app and it said sunny skies. I stepped out on the porch and sure enough, there was not a cloud in the sky but there was a smoky haze over what should have been a brightly shining sunshine. When I drove to town to go to Lowe's to pick up some more Japanese beetle traps (and get some more cannot have enough flowers) you could see the smoke lingering in the air like a light fog. Not the best day for outdoor activities, but I still managed to get some gardening done and the pool pump operational again. So I treated myself to a couple hours in the pool.

Now, I'm hunkered in watching television and going to do some writing. The weekends are just a little too short for my liking. It seems like one minute I'm rolling out of the parking lot at work on Friday afternoon and now...just a few hours later it's Sunday evening and Monday morning is just around the corner. How time flies...doesn't seem fair.

There's a lot to do to get ready for Getting Witchy With It in Salem/Peabody. I need to decide 'witch' books to take. find something to wear to the witch's ball, reserve a rental car, find the perfect rental...and of course do my research into the vast array of things to do while we are there. It's also time to start ordering things for our Hoosier Indie Author signing during James Dean Days right here in central Indiana.

Getting on Amazon is dangerous but I'm pretty excited about the new book shelf I ordered. It's more like a credenza style with room above it for photos and the top to display the many mementos I've picked up on my travels. Room for my crystals, oracle cards, and such. I've also discovered Temu...let's not talk about that...but I did find a pretty cool Celtic knot carving that will go nicely on top of the bookshelves. And a blouse to wear to Salem.

I have a new rooster...unfortunately, Casanova came up missing a few weeks ago and has not returned. I'm assuming he was dinner for the fox who has its den back in the woods behind my house. This one is friendly and doesn't mind being held and petted. I've dubbed him Genius. Hopefully the hens will warm up to him, but right now they run him off. I guess it just takes time for newbies to acclimate. Maybe I need to find him some hens that aren't so hateful and territorial. Seems to be a good time to hit up a livestock auction. Except, those are dangerous for me too. Hard telling what I might find at the right price. Stay tuned...

Has anyone ever tried the new bar shampoos and conditioners? I ordered some of the rice water type of both and am patiently waiting for it to arrive. I'll report back. I've heard rice water is good for hair thickness and we will see.

Tonight's writing project is another contribution to an anthology. It will be the 3rd Hope Harbor anthology and I'm still pondering which idea I'm going to use. will definitely include a storm. The question is...will it be a storm rolling in from the sea...or a snowstorm...or an emotional storm...hang in'll hear more later.

This is all I have for today. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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