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Spring Has Arrived!!

Finally…we have reached sunshine and 80 degrees! I didn’t think we were ever going to get here!

Things are starting to be accomplished at home…the garden is planted…my first batch of natural remedies is drying…the chickens are producing eggs…the hot tub is filled and heated…and the pool is clean and almost full. I didn’t get a chance to do a post for Beltane because I was traveling with a group of lovely ladies to the Haunted Galena Conference. What a fantastic experience that was! We had an evening session with Christopher McBrien-Psychic/Medium which was absolutely amazing…a meditation session like none I have ever experienced before. And hearing his life story the next day was very interesting.

We actually got to join a professional ghost hunting group on Saturday night at the DeSoto hotel. The Transcendent Paranormal Society had all the equipment to detect those spirits residing on the other side of the veil...and we definitely picked up on some of them.

The house we rented for that weekend was built as a tavern in 1842…a beautiful home…with at least 3 resident spirits several of us had experiences with. And of course…me being a spirit magnet at times…managed to pick up an extra passenger on our way back from the investigation Saturday night.

With the great company…great food…and shopping it was a fabulous weekend!

With this trip under my belt…planning is under way for Deadwood in June…back to Galena in September…then the trip of all trips…Ireland in October!! I’m patiently waiting for my passport to arrive…then it’s time to book everything else!

In the midst of all this activity…I am proud to announce that the launch of Deadly Vision went off without a hitch! The first reviews are in and I’m humbled by the fantastic reviews I’ve received. If you like the paranormal, romance, mystery, crime…this has it all. And the ebook is still on sale for $2.99 through 5/15! The paperback released today, but if you’d like a signed copy…drop me an email! Additionally, there is a HUGE launch party on my Facebook page Friday, May 13…head over and join in and play some games and have a chance to win some pretty awesome books by some pretty amazing authors!

Well…that’s all for now! Have a wonderful day!!

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