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Springtime Update

Hello and happy spring…I say this after going out this morning to a hard frost and car windows needing thawed. But hey, the robins were out…so it’s all good!

It has been a couple weeks since I dropped in and chatted about St. Patrick’s Day…I have been busy! There is progress being made on Deadly Vision which releases on May 1st. I’ve asked my fellow authors to remind me not to ever venture out of the romance author realm again. It’s a fantastic story which I think you will enjoy, but I’m missing the relationship building story that comes with romance. As a consolation, I did throw in a couple sex scenes between my two main characters. I had to!

As I wrap up this mystery thriller, I have been inundated with ideas for future books. There will be an Appalachian witch for a heroine, a New Orleans paranormal…and with a little luck I will be doing live research for Rowena’s Song…you may remember her as the mother in my Summers Sisters series. Yes folks! This girl is planning an autumn trip to Ireland!! I’m so pumped!! Five days of taking in the Irish countryside and villages and breathing that magickal air! Doing some research into my Celtic ancestors…eating some awesome Irish food and listening to some Irish music. Stay tuned for more news!!

It is also book signing season and I will be kicking 2022 off in Ann Arbor, MI for Dreaming Dirty. If you’re a reader in Michigan, stop in and say hi to me and that you read this blog…I’ll have a gift for you at my table! April 9th!! Mark it on your calendars!! Hope to see you there! If not, you can catch me in Deadwood, SD in June or GaLena, IL in September.

Speaking of Galena…a group of us will be attending the Haunted Galena Conference the last weekend in April. Another opportunity for me to do book research Into my favorite topic…the paranormal! And of course, we have an anthology we will be releasing this fall with all the stories set in Galena.

Moving on to paranormal topics…how many of my readers have had a ghostly experience? Or maybe there are some fellow mediums out there? Any practitioners of witchcraft? Stay tuned because I will be doing another venture this fall…a website and blog just for us!! With some online classes and guest contributors…and if you’d like to be a guest…you can leave me an email! Would love to have you!

Well, lunch at my day job is almost over so I need to get going!! Have a great week!! ill be back soon!!

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