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Vampires, Vampires, Vampires

From the days of watching Dark Shadows after school…to The Originals as an adult…with Twilight, True Blood, Interview with a Vampire all in the mix…I have long been fascinated with the mysticism and seductiveness of vampires. With every new vampire book, movie or series…I find yet another hot, seductive vampire to moon over. imagine what it would be like to fly faster than the speed of light through the night sky tucked safely in the predator‘s grip. To be the object of his lust high in a tower somewhere in a castle. Or even in a penthouse hideaway above the city. It seemed inevitable I would eventually be compelled (don’t you love that choice of words) to write a steamy, erotic romance with vampires as heroes. Which is what I did in my Vampire Blood series starting with the story of Vincent and Abigail…a vampire and a medium brought together by messages she received from the spirit world. And they had to come together for a common cause…rescuing her teenaged sister from a cult in New Orleans. Vincent is your proper southern gentleman who mourns the loss of his wife back before he was changed in the 1800s…and he also mourns the loss of his humanity at the hands of a red-haired wench who appeared on his doorstep. Over the years he came to grips with what he was and decided to use his powers for good. Turning the tables on human predators who slithered through modern day New Orleans.

My characters are a blend of proper gentlemen, wild biker, and stern law enforcer. And the women they love are equally intriguing…as well as human in some cases.

Moving along…let’s talk about New Orleans. Probably one of my most favorite cities in the US. Its mystic, steamy, erotic nature just cries out “welcome vampires” doesn’t it? Which is why I chose it for the main setting of my stories. Vampires seem to flourish in that setting. I mean…look at Klaus from The Originals or Bill and Eric from True Blood and Lestat from Interview with a Vampire…they BELONGED there. There is a certain vampire element in New Orleans which has been quietly discussed and publicly flaunted for years. The Casket Girls of Ursulines Convent were some of the first suspected vampires hiding away in the attic of the convent waiting to swoop down and devour any man who dared enter the threshold of the convent. Or how about todays underground network of alternative thinking humans who truly do drink blood in secret rooms and at secret events. I suggest you take the trek to New Orleans and go on a vampire tour through the French Quarter. It is an experience you will not likely forget. So, as I finish up my upcoming release which is a sequel to my original vampire series…I’m also planning a trip to New Orleans with my beautiful daughter and granddaughter. If you are in the New Orleans area the weekend of October 2nd…look me up at NOLA Bookstars event at the Marriott at 555 Canal Street from 10 am - 2 pm and we can talk vampires…or even witches if you like!! Hope to see you there!!

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