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Wild Deadwood Reads - Day 1

I thought I'd do something different this year and post every day on this trip to the wild and exciting Deadwood, South Dakota! I'm sitting here at the airport in Indianapolis waiting for the first leg of my trip to Rapid City and contemplating what I'm going to do during the 5 hour layover in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Oh! That's some good writing time isn't it? Not sure which WIP I'm going to work on...will it be The Not So General Store for the Galena anthology or Ostara from Wheel of the Witch? Or maybe, I pull out my alter ego and let her have at it on her latest book...actually...her first book...since all the others she's written were naughty little novellas. Decisions...decisions...decisions!

I was pretty excited that my checked bag full of books didn't warrant an overweight bag charge. It sure as hell felt like at least 100# but it wasn't...I was a half pound under the limit. Which means since I planned for spending extra for an overweight bag, I have an extra $60 to spend in Deadwood. I think that may be casino money! Or maybe a couple bottles of moonshine. Or wine. Or maybe mama needs a new pair of boots! Stay tuned to see how I spend it!

We got lots of rain, so I was able to bank some of my day that would have been spent watering the flowers and the garden. I used that time wisely and came to the airport early so my poor granddaughter wouldn't get caught up in rush hour traffic in Indianapolis. That gives me time to write this blog post, check my social media, and try to finish reading the book I've been perusing for the last week. Entangled Thorns by Melinda Clayton is this week's reading material. This is Book 3 of her Cedar Hollow series and I"m really enjoying these books.

Speaking of books, it was a struggle walking past the bookstore here in the airport. Do you know how hard it is for an author and book lover to walk past a bookstore without spending hours inside? I"m thinking in my retirement years, I may need to open my own bookstore and fill it full of books written by all my author friends and give them the area normally reserved for best sellers. Maybe have a section of witchy books, tarot cards, oracle cards and all things magick. Have a sitting area with deep comfy chairs and sell coffee, tea, hot cocoa and baked goods. That would be my dream!

Ahhh...the fragrance of food is wafting this stomach is growling and I think it might be time for a late lunch or early dinner...catch me tomorrow...from Deadwood, South Dakota!!

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