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Wild Deadwood Reads - Day 2

It's been a rainy day here in Deadwood, SD! We started our day with a touch of sunshine but by the time we finished breakfast, it was coming down sideways. We were off to the Walmart in Spearfish because your's truly forgot to pack a hair brush, pajamas, and a tooth brush. While there, the rain came down in buckets and sounded like buffalo running across the roof.

We were on to Mount Moriah Cemetery where your's truly decided to sit in the car and read a book rather than traipse up the hill in the rain and wind. What can I say...I'm easily entertained on a rainy day...give me a book and a warm dry place to plant my butt and I'm good.

Lunch was at Buffalo Bodega sans the live entertainment. I haven't seen live entertainment there the last two years I've been in Deadwood. I miss the singing hippie comedian that was there a few years back...he was bawdy, sarcastic and downright hilarious.

After lunch, we walked down the main street of Deadwood and stopped in at some of the shops. And...drum roll...I discovered Durty Nelly's Irish Pub where the cigar bar used to be. Tomorrow night will be spent enjoying and/or participating in karaoke. What happens in Deadwood...stays in Deadwood. It's going to be a wild time in town tomorrow night.

After catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, having a few drinks, and doubling my money at the casino, I think I'll be turning in for the night. Have a wonderful night all!

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