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Winter has Returned

Nothing like waking up this morning to a fresh layer of snow covering the grass that was already turning green. I know, it's only March and spring is a few weeks off. It makes me wonder where the robins snuggled up and nested for the night, because for the last week, they have been fluttering about the yard in droves. I did put out some fresh suet in the feeders this morning, so there is that.

Less than a week ago, it was close to 70 degrees. I had been perusing the seed catalogs and ordering a variety of fertilizer to mix in my potting soil. Now, I'm in my pajamas watching a series on Netflix and working on my book. Last night it was warm enough to wear a cotton shirt and light leather jacket to the movies, but by the time we walked out of the theater, the air was definitely more like winter.

To think, I had big plans to get the back porch in order and give the grill a good cleaning so I could fix ribs tonight. Instead, I grabbed a McChicken sandwich at McDonald's and a bag of M&Ms to snack on. I even had plans to go restock the Fireball and moonshine, which we all but finished off Friday night, but it's hard to go to the liquor store in pajamas. Right?

I have a three day week this week. I'm putting myself in the hands of the specialist on Thursday for a cortisone injection in my back, then perhaps making an appointment in the afternoon to see the eye doctor. All I have is my prescription sunglasses which don't work very well for driving at night. Then Friday, I'm going to cook up some authentic Irish food before I get ready to go see the Irish dancers. Nothing like a four day weekend, right? Even if part of one of those days will be spent getting a jab in my back.

This is going to be a short post tonight...I'm too wrapped up in binge watching In The Dark on Netflix. Hope you all have a wonderful week. And be sure to watch your email for my next newsletter...if you are subscribed. If you aren't, you can shoot me an email at and let me know to add you to my mailing list. I will have a GIVEAWAY!!

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